About TPOH

The Powers of HER (TPOH) is a student-led non-profit platform that offers creative sustainability solutions.

Delivering creative and innovative ideas that bring engaging community involvement. While increasing participation in accomplishing sustainable development goals (SDGs)of 2030 that can be applied to businesses, large cities, and small communities.

Offering solutions that enhance awareness about topics such as environmental and social development, renewable technologies, reduced inequities, and innovations, etc.

Why should you collaborate with TPOH?


When communities become involved they begin to evolve.


I believe that we (each member of the global community) have a responsibility to provide a positive example for those who seek our influence. Highlighting what it means to be part of a community. Equipped with the understanding of the responsibility of a leader.

Social media has become a main source of communication and a way for some to overcome challenges. It has also helped change the way that society rates, communicates, and interacts with their neighbors, brands, or public figures.

This transformation is a way for various sectors to become INVOLVED. 

Helping you identify your consumers and community members. Accommodating their needs and building strong relationships in business and in life by having open and professional communication alongside an understanding of each other’s wants and needs.

TPOH helps create and build those connections through advocacy, design, and strategy.

Sha'Kiya Morris

Founder, TPOH & T|IC

Encouraging future generations to become more than they could ever imagine.

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