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THE POWERS OF HER podcast will be a solo cast show with host Sha'kiya Morris and occasional special guest appearances. Come along as I share ways to lift up communities with sustainable actions, and inform you of ways to reduce your ecological footprint to create a healthier planet and home.

Shows will be exciting, informative, and inspiring.

Exploring sustainable lifestyles, impacts of Global warming, Green initiatives and companies (international and domestic), Parenting, Health, Renewable technologies, Eco-friendly travel, Climate change and more! 

Furthermore, discuss current and future trends in sustainability and create an awareness that together, we are the pillars for our future generations. 

Shouldn't their platform be stronger?

This show will bring about a necessary sense of urgency and promote resilience for the health of our planet and each other. 

What are you waiting for?...


first show!!!

06.14.2019 15 minutes

First Show!!! WELCOME to The Powers of HER. History, Vision, learn about host and creator Sha'kiya and More. 

Special guest show

06.15.2019 25 Minutes

Ad Free

Join me in welcoming Chaz Van de Motter of Elite Marketing.

Listen as we discuss his journey in helping start-ups and small businesses grow their businesses through marketing and social media strategies.

Learn tips and secrets to help add value to your success. 

zero wastex

06.21.2019 15 Minutes

Provide insights to zero-waste and the affordability and its importance...

Introduce my plans to transition my family to a plastic-free lifestyle. Blog coming soon to show images of our journey to a plastic-free life.

Special guest Show

06.28.2019 20 minutes

Ad Free

Have you ever wondered how much you have actually reduced your carbon footprint?

Well, Avery Michaelson of UCapture has created a great extension for any device. Join us as we discuss his mission and how you can offset your carbon emissions.

Mental health & Loneliness

07.05.2019 12 Minutes

There's a trend on social media regarding mental health and loneliness. What are ways that we can overcome stresses? A look into the disconnection of connection through technology. Need inspiration and/ or motivation? Listen up. Be informed.

Special Guest Show

07.12.2019 1 Hour

How well do you know your financial security? What are the issues that most people face in today's economy? How can you change your mind to fix your financial health?

Join me as I discuss the importance of financial services and tips for success

Owner & CEO truNorth Holding, TFS, Inc. and, Chris Jackson.

Special Guest Show

07.19.2019 15 minutes

Do you think sales requires sales, passion and resilience? Well, Gurdeep Mann has all the right techniques to help you make "the sell".

Want to know how to provide a passionate sales experience? Join us.

Special Guest Show

07.26.2019 20 Minutes

How well do you know your use of electricity? Want to know how to reduce impacts on your electric bill and the environment?

Join me as I discuss electricity ecosystems with Michael Herod,

CEO and Creator of the GOEFER device and app.

Special Guest Show

08.02.2019 20 minutes

Join me in this exclusive interview with a very special guest, Rob Howze, as we discuss content creation and how our actions today affect tomorrow .

To see more of his work go to:

Special Guest Show

08.26.2019 40- min Show

I'm excited for this show! I had a chance to speak with 

Emily M. Olson, Co-Founder and CEO of ReGenFriends is a force of inspiration and her mission is  to make the world a better place for today and future generations.

Last Show!

TBD 30 Minutes

Season finale

A look into the episodes, addressing the learning curve and how I plan to come back in the fall with more exciting, motivating and helpful shows.

School starts soon...GO SUN DEVILS!