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A Hug.

A hug has the power to change the life of someone, it can prevent someone from causing harm to self or others, help someone feel less alone. A hug could turn a bad day into a good one and it has the ability to show how much you truly care for someone. I want the members and supporters of RHSA to feel like a warm hug is wrapped around them every time they look in the mirror.

As the daughter of a veteran, I have seen first hand, the lack of attention for the mental and emotional well-being of our service members. As a mother, I am terrified of the increased rate of child suicides, school shootings and the lack of emotional or self-control. is alarming.

Motivated by these realities, I look to dedicate all of my time to make sure that these issues are at the forefront of our mission towards achieving social and developmental growth while providing positive habits promoting more clean and green earth.


Each member will attend a 3-week camp filled with workshops for kids and veterans. They will be involved with team building exercises and other developmental and self-trust training. Along with hands-on experiences full of exciting and useful information on about renewables, sustainable materials, innovation building workshops and much more. Work from the inside out. 

Our Veterans are our HEROES...Our children are theirs. We must create a better cycle to evolve into a better world. Sign up today to become a member.


I will not allow this to be used as a platform for the spread of hateful discrimination against race, sex, religion or political bias. 

If you would like to join me on my mission subscribe today


Make a charitable donation. Contact me today to see how you can be involved.

*Looking for trained individuals that work in the mental and dietary health fields. MUST be willing to volunteer time (@ least 1-2 hours a week) to assist me in addressing these issues.

(Discussion: Current trends and issues and information will be used in our podcast).


Thank you,


Sustainable Action


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