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Zero Waste Mindset or Zero Waste X

by Sha'kiya Morris 

This lifestyle change is not going to break the bank. I will share ways that you can transition your lifestyle without losing style or breaking the bank.

I have provided an illustration that shows ways that you can make easy transitions in the kitchen to provide less waste. Thus, reducing your ecological footprint and impacts on the environment. Our little impacts make BIG differences.

Right now you're probably can you produce zero waste?

No such thing. we all produce some kind of waste be it human or product. What having a zero-waste mindset means is that you are making decisions based on how it, directly and indirectly, affects your environments. Making these conscious decisions create sustainable actions. So, as you decide to move forward in your transition to living a zero-waste lifestyle remember that you will have some waste, and that's okay but dispose of the waste appropriately and if it can serve another purpose, get creative. If you do decide to make the transition please email me or share your photos and I will post and share your amazing efforts for the environment.

#thepowersofher #nowaste #zerowastex

So, where can you make the first step of this transition?

Kitchens provide the most waste; food and single-use waste account for most of the landfill and polluting waste globally. The transitions are small but the impacts of these small collective changes make for HUGE impacts on the environment inside and outside your home. 

You don't have to be rich to live a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. You just have to be willing to make positive changes with little sacrifice. Understanding the resources used and processes your products go through, means more control for you as a consumer to make smart choices. A big opportunity to reduce the amounts of toxins and waste that are relative to the footprint and health of your home. 

How Countries and States are combatting waste.

Here in the U.S. many states are becoming educated and are adopting the green, eco-friendly lifestyle. For example, putting bans on the use of styrofoam and single-use plastics for example, to the increase of recycling and reusable incentives. Companies like TerraCycle are transforming product waste and ReGenFriends are educating companies, businesses and communities of our impacts and how regeneration and renewable efforts can be achieved. Please click here for more info.

Canada has been very progressive and vocal in their green initiatives. Please click here for more info.


European countries have begun applying strict rules and regulations on people's use of products that will produce large amounts of waste. In the UK the concerns are higher than those of a land-locked country because most things are imported. Please click here for more info.


Asian countries have vowed to be close to 100% green and renewable within the next 5 years. For example, Singapore, the city-state, is a Biophilic City. This means that urban design and living can seamlessly engage with nature creating a holistic living experience.

Today, we are plagued by our past choices in the form of pollution. It is time that we all stand up and do our part towards making sustainable attainable and the planet made more resilient. 

Our oceans should not be threatened by acidification and wildlife and habitat loss. Understanding the connections and cycles of our impacts will create ideal economies and livelihoods. When your environment thrives so do you.


What do I mean by this?

When we have clean and clutter-free surroundings inside our direct space, our mind becomes less stressed and more clear. Creating a better emotional state. This doesn't mean that all stress and anxiety will be cured because you have less waste. No. It simply means that because of less stress you can focus more on positive changes thus creating awareness, promoting a healthier lifestyle. The items that we have in our homes creates a kind of pollution indoors and purchasing sustainable and eco-friendly or natural materials in addition to plants that help clean the air INSIDE your home. The same concept must be used outdoors, we want our communities and families to thrive. Produce less waste, use renewable and sustainable technologies and plant more trees. Improve our environment. Improve the World.

Please click here for an article explaining how plants can clean the air in your home.

For your free Clean Air Calendar 2020 click here. (You can color the plants)

Come back and join me as I educate my family about zero waste and sustainable actions while converting our household to have a Zero Waste X.

Love. Light. Peace.

 Sha'kiya M.

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